Preparation Medicinal Cannabis Oil

of our oils

Cannabis extraction with CO2

Under high pressure and low temperature CO2 extraction is a safe, efficient and sustainable technique to extract the active components from cannabis without leaving any residues. This is an advanced extraction technique that is also used in processes like the extraction of caffeine from coffee to make decaffeinated coffee.

While THC, CBD and terpenes are efficiently extracted from cannabis, this process does not extract the bitter tasting green pigments (chlorophyll). This results in a pure, amber-coloured, mild-flavoured oil with a very high concentration of active cannabis components.

This oil is then diluted with pure almond oil to the final concentration which will be used to fill the bottles of medicinal cannabis oil. Our preparations are analysed by an external party to guarantee the highest quality.

the plant material

The process starts with accurate weighing of the dried cannabis flowers that were provided by the Bureau voor Medicinale Cannabis (BMC).

The CO2 extraction

The cannabis is placed in the central extraction cylinder of our machine. After this the machine is started and CO2 under high pressure extracts the active components from the medicinal cannabis.

of the oil

After a purification step a pure, amber-coloured oil is obtained with a very high concentration of active cannabis components. After analysis, this is diluted with almond oil to the final product with a standardized percentage THC/CBD.

Filling the bottles

The diluted oil is analysed again. Subsequently, each bottle is filled with 10 ml of diluted cannabis oil.

Cannabis Oil

A clear yellow, mild tasting oil with a standardized percentage THC/CBD is the result of this entire process. After release of the product by the pharmacist, Cannabiszorg can deliver medicinal cannabis oil to patients with a doctor’s prescription.