Preparation method of our oil

Cannabis extraction through CO2

Under high pressure and low temperature extraction through CO2 is a safe, efficient and sustainable technique to extract the active cannabis components without leaving residues unused. This is an advanced extraction technique that is also used to extract caffeine from coffee beans when making caffeine free coffee.

THC, CBD and terpenes are extracted effectively from the cannabis without extracting green pigments, also named chlorophyll, leading to a pure, amber-coloured oil with a mild taste. The oil contains a very high concentration of the active ingredients from cannabis.

Finally, the oil is diluted with pure almond oil resulting in the final concentration in our cannabis oil bottles. All preparations will be analysed through HPLC within our laboratory in order to guarantee the highest quality.

Processing the plant matter

The process starts with weighing the dried cannabis flowers, produced by the Office of Medicinal Cannabis (Bureau voor Medicinale Cannabis).

The CO2 extraction

The cannabis is placed in the central extraction cylinder of our machine. The CO2 extracts the active components from the medicinal cannabis.

Preparation of the oil

A purification process will leave a clear amber-coloured oil with a high concentration of cannabinoids. After the analysis, this liquid will be diluted with almond oil to create an end product with a standardised percentage of THC/CBD.

The diluted oil is analysed once more.  Every bottle will be filled with the diluted cannabis oil.

Cannabiszorg medicinal cannabisoil

The process described above will lead to a clear yellow-gold oil with a mild taste containing a standardised percentage of THC/CBD. After the pharmacist has released the medicinal cannabis oil it can be offered to patients with a doctor’s prescription.

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